Our BBQ Story

Tim and Jon from TJs

Meet Tim and Jon. We’ve been the best of friends for over 30 years and without sounding massively clichéd, the one thing we can’t get enough of is great food – eating it, cooking it and sharing it with family and friends.

TJ’s BBQ didn’t start with a road trip to the Southern states of America; instead it starts with a bad BBQ experience. Around five years ago, we were in a well-known UK BBQ chain, really quite unhappy with what we were eating. Having worked in various kitchens over the years – as well as countless weekends of firing up our own pits – we knew that we could do better and that the people of the UK deserved better too!

It was time to get serious and our research began – what did authentic, traditional BBQ look and taste like, and who were the experts in their field?

We discovered Myron Mixon from Georgia, Aaron Franklin from Texas and Big Bob Gibson from Alabama – to name a few of our favorites. We watched competitions in the UK like Grillstock and The Big Meat. We started our growing collection of over 20 BBQ cookbooks and watched A LOT of YouTube videos – all in the name of inspiration and honing our the craft.

So then, this is the start of OUR story. One that we hope to share with you either through providing authentic ‘Low and Slow’ BBQ catering services, at a local event or through one of our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – where we share content from ourselves and others.

Come and say hi and try some BBQ!